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Do you need to make changes?  Are sex problems dragging you down? With compassion, a caring heart and a commitment to healing, Dr. Brame has guided thousands of adults to sexual well-being, no matter how rare or extreme their personal struggles.   Ask about an appointment or read about her therapy services.

If you cannot afford therapy with Dr. Brame, please visit Help Central for thousands of free articles, sex tips and advice.  She is on a mission to educate adults the world over on the truth about sex and how to create and maintain healthy intimacy. 


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Client Testimonials

  • You help and save so many! God bless!
    Tommy N.
  • You understood me in ways nobody ever had and you always went above and beyond for me. Thank you for all you do. John F.
  • Thank you the help and support you gave me! I can't describe how much you helped me with my fetish and my marriage. You eased my pain! I can't believe how great I'm doing. Benny V.
  • You're an amazing therapist. I felt so broken when we first met. Now I consider you a joyful life-support system! Howard E.
  • I got everything I ever wanted out of life -- a beautiful wife and kids! -- and I couldn't have gotten here without the amazing Dr. Gloria. Kary A.
  • You're the best! You gave me the strength to get my life together and the confidence to find someone wonderful to marry. Robbie S.
  • I'd given up all hope when I came to you. I can't thank you enough. Lisa L.
  • I would never have come this far without your dedication and support. Kyle B.
  • God must have led me to Dr. Gloria because you were like a miracle in my life. You were there when I needed you. Thank you. Scott W.
  • We found you to be a caring, sophisticated lady with an ability to penetrate to the fundamental issues, a commitment to helping, and a healing spirit that is rare in this world. Bryan M.
  • You were the first therapist who REALLY understood my BDSM side and the advice you gave me still guides me ten years later. I will always be grateful. Geena K.
  • Thank you, Dr. Brame. You resolved all my problems fast. You were worth every penny. John B.
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Dr. Brame’s blog is devoted to her research, theories and commentaries on sex science and psychosexual health. 

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Counseling by Dr. Brame is a uniquely powerful and transformative experience.  Find out if she can help you now.