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The world’s most widely cited expert on the science of sex, acclaimed author of groundbreaking books,  Dr. Brame is in a class of her own.  Sex therapist, distinguished researcher and historian, Brame is the most innovative theorist in the field in human sexuality. In private practice since 2000, Brame is a member of the American College of Sexologists and holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, with a specialty in BDSM/fetish sex.  Dr. Brame has transformed and improved millions of lives around the globe.  She can help you too. 

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Renowned for her pioneering work in removing the stigma from BDSM and fetishes, Dr. Brame’s biggest successes are in her private practice.  Every client who has completed a full course of therapy has outperformed their own goals.  It’s a track record Gloria is very proud about.    Read about Gloria’s private practice



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Words From Clients

  • I learned more about my fetish in 2 sessions with you than in 2 years of psychotherapy. Chris L.
  • Thank you, Dr. Brame. You resolved all my problems fast. You were worth every penny. Bob D.
  • You understood me in ways nobody ever had. Your sweetness and support got me through a hard time. Thank you for all you do. John F.
  • I got everything I ever wanted, and I couldn't have gotten here without the amazing Dr. Gloria. Kary A.
  • You're the best! You gave me confidence. I would've fucked up my marriage if not for you. Now we're happier than ever! Robbie S.
  • I'd given up all hope when I came to you. You gave me a new life. I can't thank you enough. Lisa L.
  • I'm so glad I came to you for a second opinion. I was crushed by what the other doctor told me. You have no idea how much you helped me. Mary M.
  • I still have lots to work on but I would never have come this far without your dedication and support. Kyle B.
  • God must have led me to Dr. Gloria because you were like a miracle in my life. Thank you. Scott W.
  • We found you to be a caring, sophisticated lady with an ability to penetrate to the fundamental issues, a commitment to helping, and a healing spirit that is rare in this world. Bryan M.
  • You were the first therapist who REALLY understood my BDSM side and the advice you gave me still guides me ten years later. I will always be grateful. Geena K.
  • I consider you an essential life-support system! I love you, Glory! You really are the best. Howie B.
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Sex therapist Gloria Brame’s blog covers sexual health, sex science, sex and culture, and other sex-related issues in the news. 

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I show clients how to build their own, unique vision of happiness, and then guide them to that goal. Whatever the situation, they know I will be there every step of the way.