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I’ve devoted my life to the scientific study of human sexuality.   As a widely cited expert on sex and relationships, and best-selling author of landmark works about BDSM, fetishes, sexual performance and sexual health, my work has led millions of people around the world to more satisfying lives.  If you are struggling with a relationship or a sex problem, I can help. 


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 Renowned for her pioneering work in removing the stigma from BDSM and fetish sex and for her expertise in the science and study of sex, Gloria’s dedicated to helping adults make positive change in their lives. Whether it’s keeping a marriage together or ending a cycle of abuse, coming out or navigating an unconventional relationship, she’s steered hundreds of people to sexier, happier lives through her unique combination of sexological research, life experience, and empathy.



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Words From Clients

  • Thank you, Dr. Brame. You were worth every penny. You resolved my problems with my family finding out about my fetish and gave me great resources to pursue! client dealing with unusual fetish
  • In just two sessions, I learned more about my real needs than years of psychotherapy taught me. Now I have the right tools to make change. client dealing with swinging
  • I just want to say thank you, Dr. Brame, for restoring my confidence and giving me the boost to get back on track with my wife. You're the greatest! client dealing with erectile dysfunction
  • Your advice really seemed to do the trick. Ever since my Mistress spoke with you, things have turned around for us. client dealing with power dynamics
  • You understood me in ways nobody ever had, and listened to me deeper than I thought anyone ever would. I know you'd be proud of the life I live today. client dealing with domestic violence
  • It's amazing how much my life has changed since I met you. You made all my dreams come true! I don't know where I'd be now if I hadn't met the amazing Dr. Gloria. client dealing with coming out
  • Dr. Brame is a talented clinician. My wife and I found her to be a caring, sophisticated lady with an ability to penetrate to the fundamental issues, a commitment to helping, and a healing spirit that is rare in this world. couple dealing with lifestyle BDSM
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Sex therapist Gloria Brame blogs about her sex therapy practice,  the science of sex, sex and culture, sexual health, Equality and LGBT issues, and sexual freedom.

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I guide sex therapy clients to develop their own definition of happiness, and together we reach for it. Whatever the situation, they know I will be there every step of the way.  LGBTQ-friendly, kink-friendly, sex-positive.