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Reach a higher level of sexual performance and self-awareness.   Working with author and award-winning relationship expert, Dr. Gloria Brame, will change your life. 


“My greatest strength as a therapist is my ability in guiding clients to transform their own lives.  I take an intensely personal and targeted approach to each client’s unique life situation, and treat each one as a whole person.  I don’t rely on off-the-shelf opinions.  My analyses and diagnosis are based on current science, original theories, and life experience.  – Gloria”

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 Renowned for her pioneering work in removing the stigma from BDSM and fetish sex and advocating for sex-positive culture, Dr. Brame offers a unique combination of research, experience, and intellect to help you make positive change.  She’s helped steer careers, ended cycles of abuse, and shown clients the path to greater life success.  Can Gloria help you? Make an appointment today at

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Words From Clients

  • Dr. Brame changed my life. As a successful business owner, I was on top of everything -- except the personal side of my life. I'd almost given up until I called Dr. Gloria. Her knowledge and advice have been so on-target and so helpful, she's helped make all my dreams come true. Chris L, Real Estate Executive
  • I really appreciate your words and advice you gave me yesterday. Dr. Brame, you really have given me the boost of self confidence that I have long needed. Scott S., Academic Administrator
  • Thank you, Dr Brame, for your love and wisdom and patience and caring and generosity. I feel very lucky that you allowed me to spend time with you. I am deeply grateful. Thank you, too, for letting me cry. I cried out of relief. Brian G, Retired
  • Dr. Brame literally turned my marriage around. I had given hope of ever being intimate with my wife again but Dr. B not only restarted our sex life but it's better now than it was when we first got married. We went from being skeptics to becoming fans of Dr. Brame! Harry R, CTO
  • Gloria understood my problems in ways no one ever had. I had really given up on ever finding happiness but her support gave me the courage to make necessary changes. I can't believe I'm saying this but I generally feel happy now. Lori P., Fashion Editor
  • Amazing, insightful and brilliant. Gloria has the ability to handle the most sensitive and personal of topics with care and love. She is superb at bringing to light those solutions that others miss. Working with Dr. Brame is one of the very best choices I've ever made. Danny O, Sales Executive
  • Dr. Brame is an amazing judge of character and a talented clinician. My wife and I found her to be a caring, sophisticated lady with an ability to penetrate to the fundamental issues, a commitment to helping, and a healing spirit that is rare in this world. Neal R, Minister
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Sex therapist Gloria Brame blogs about her sex therapy practice,  the science of sex, sex and culture, sexual health, Equality and LGBT issues, and sexual freedom.

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